WeldTech Industrial Service provides services for the energy, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food and marine industries.

Its core business consists in servicing and supervising construction and overhaul investments for the industry.

Prefabrication \ servicing of pipe systems

Prefabrication \ modernisation of all types of steel structures

Modernization \ overhauls of industrial equipment

Implementation of construction projects for the industry

We have the required certificates which allow us to provide services to individual industrial sectors and confirm the quality of the orders being fulfilled.

Our team consists of qualified and certified personnel working in production groups with many years of practice, and experienced management staff.

Our many years of experience confirmed by references and cooperation with market leaders are reflected in the implementation of each project.



BASF Germany , Nederland , Belgium

BP Germany , Nederland , Belgium

Shell Germany , Nederland , Belgium

Total Belgium

HES International

Volvo Geteborg

BMW Regensburg / Dingolfing

Volkswagen Hanover

PGE Energa

Port Gdynia

HES Bulk Terminal Gdynia

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Gdanska Stocznia Remontowa

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